Steps (From £16 Per Week)

To reach ceilings and high walls for painting and wallpapering.

Wallpaper stripper (From £20 Per Week)

Steam strip off old wallpaper and artex ceilings.

Hot air gun (From £20 Per Week)

Strip off gloss paint from timber window frames and doors.

Aluminium towers (From £38 Per Week)

Safely reach those very high ceilings, paint and repair outside walls, and window frames.  

Airless spray gun (From £80 For A Day)

Quickly paint large walls and ceilings inside and out. For water and oil based


Tile cutters (From £30 For a Day)

Diamond  wet wheel electric tile saws will accurately cut floor and wall tiles, dust free up to 700mm and we also offer the manual ‘score and snap’ type for a quick straight dry cut.

Ladders (From £20 Per Week)

One,  Two or three section ladders that are adjustable from 2.5 metre up to 13 metres to help reach those high areas such as fascias and windows frames.



Pressure washer (From £25 For A Day)

For cleaning patios, wooden decking, garden furniture, outside walls, cars and bikes.

Carpet cleaners (From £25 For A Day)

Carpet cleaners will clean carpets and upholstery in the house, car and caravan.

Floor scrubbers (From £30 For A Day)

Scrub clean vinyl, concrete and tiled floors.

Vacuum cleaners  (From £40 Per Week)

Dry or wet vacuum cleaners, light, medium or heavy duty for cleaning up after building works or just to clean out your loft ,garage or shed.

Hot water pressure washers (From £60 For A Day)

For heavy duty cleaning of grease and oil covered areas such as oil stained driveways, car engines, Garage floors, cars and caravans.

Steam cleaner (From £20 For A Day)

Used mainly in the kitchen and bathroom for Steam cleaning and sterilising

Toilets, ovens, sinks and tile grout.



Lawnmower (From £20 For A Day)

We hire powerful petrol engine lawnmowers that will cut up to 400mm long grass and collect all the cuttings in their  own grass bag.

Petrol Strimmers (From £20 For A Day)

To cut down overgrown areas that a lawnmower can’t cope with or light brush using a poly carbonate blade.

Turf cutters  (From £45 For A Day)

These machines will cut away strips of lawn effortlessly and expose the earth Underneath to create bare areas for flowerbeds or vegetable plots.

Stump grinder (From £100 For A Day)

This machine will grind down tree stumps and thick tree roots up to 300mm below the surface.

Lawn scarifier (From £40 Per Week)

Scarifiers are used to remove moss thatch and weed build up and help to Create a healthy and denser lawn. It may look terrible when you first do this but the results after a few weeks are worth it.  

Hedge trimmer (From £20 For A Day)

Fast and efficient petrol hedge trimmers are available with double sided blades for neat hedge trimming using our standard machines for hedges up to 1.8 metres high or our long reach version for high and inaccessible areas.

Chipper/shredder (From £20 For A Day)

Reduces branches and small trees into small wood chips that can be used for

Ground cover or bagged up and removed from site.



Floor Sanding (From £50 For A Day)

Take up those dusty old carpets,  sand down the wood floor boards underneath and put 3 coats of floor coating to create a beautiful finish that is easy to clean and hygienic.

Orbital And Belt Sanders (From £20 For A Day)

For sanding down wooden doors, window frames, skirting boards
and  worktops to create a smooth finish ready for priming or varnishing.

Mitre Saw (From £60 Per Week)

These machines are used to cut angles in timber, normally 45°, for joints in skirting board and timber frames; ideal for all types other carpentry work.

Delta Sander (From £20 For A Day)

These machines are designed for light detailed work and for getting into those awkward areas and corners.

Power Plane (From £15 For A Day)

Power planes are used for reducing the size of timber with a planing width of 82mm and depth from .1mm to 3mm,they leave a perfectly smooth finish ideal for edges of doors and wooden frames.

Jigsaw (From £20 For A Day)

Perfect for detailed, straight and curved  cutting of wood, plastics and metal. With an adjustable  base for angled cuts up to 45 degrees.

Router (From £40 Per Week)

Routers are plunge cut machines that are used to cut grooves and joints in timber. Many different shape cutters are available to create a professional finish.


What Tools  Do I Need?